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Client / Project Profile

Next Generation CSMTS System for Commercial & Military Aircraft

Next Generation CSMTS

The Control Surface Measurement and Trim System (CSMTS) design has been completed. The SM CSMTS currently exists as a Microsoft Project including schematics, time, materials, tasks, schedules, and budgets. The SM CSMTS is based on a complete re-design of a Boeing spec for a system first built more than fifteen years ago. The SM design has substantially enhanced functionality and reliability over the earlier generation Boeing system. It uses the latest computer hardware, instrumentation hardware, and software development tools for this type of application. The estimated total project cost of one SM CSMTS including design, building, testing, documentation, and QC/QA is $1.25-1.75 million. SM would like to build two of these units, one for narrow body and one for wide body aircraft, at an estimated cost of $2.5-3.5 million.

Directly Measurable Benefits of the SM CSMTS Technology

Benefits of the Additional Empirical Knowledge include Testing and Refinement of the following Anecdotal Estimates gathered from Industry Experts including, Consultants, Pilots, Test Engineers, Maintenance Personal, etc.

CSMTS Markets

These benefits will enable the airline operators to enjoy a more efficient and safe operation of their fleets.

The fuel savings alone guarantee the success of this product. Added to the additional benefits of improved passenger safety and comfort, possible reductions in insurance rates, and air pollution reductions of the same relative magnitude as fuel savings, the benefits greatly exceed the costs.

The main markets for this product are the commercial airlines and airports worldwide. We are looking for a client for the prototypes of this product. We are looking for the angel venture capital to build a company to capitalize on the markets outlined here.

There are more than 150 commercial airlines worldwide. One of the top 10 (United Airlines) has an annual fuel budget of $1.8 billion and a fleet of 217 aircraft. The potential annual fuel savings generated by the SM CSMTS is $45-81 million for this airline. If four more of the largest airlines are included in this estimate, the potential annual fuel savings increases to $180-324 million per year. Using Boeing estimates of the current world fleet of jet aircraft (15,877), the annual fuel savings estimate climbs to $3.3-5.9 billion. Using Boeing estimates of the world fleet of jet aircraft by 2019 (31,755), the annual fuel savings estimate doubles to $6.6-11.8 billion. Fuel price increases have not been included.

We have contacted some of the major airlines including British Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada. We have learned that current trim procedures are manual, mechanical, and not total-systems-based. This surprising discovery is supported with a high degree of probability for the whole Boeing fleet of aircraft by a review of the 777 manuals that detail only manual trim procedures.

There are more than 8,500 airports in the world. With improved safety as a major benefit, a large number of these airports will become customers for the SM CSMTS, with more than one set of ATE fixtures and software for the makes and models of aircraft that use the airport. There will be more than one version of the SM CSMTS defined by the actual tests and trim procedures to be performed in between flights, overnight and during scheduled MRO (Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul) service. The number and type of SM CSMTS ATE's at any airport will be determined statistically by the maximum number of airplanes unloading / loading at any given time that require CSMTS services - an important systems engineering design parameter.

Another significant market is business jets, where a critical operating parameter is range that is increased proportionately with fuel efficiency.

Independent aircraft repair and overhaul operations, as well as courier companies, are markets whose size is yet to be determined.

S-MATRIX Builds Avionics Test Bench for Allied Signal Aerospacece

[S-MATRIX Automated Test Equipment Image]

Testing the Sikorsky S-76 HelicopterTesting the Sikorsky S-76 HelicopterTesting the Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter

Automatic Flight Control and Heading Hold Electronics

S-MATRIX Enterprises Inc., a Technology Consulting, Contracting, Systems Integration, Project Management and R&D Company founded in 1978, has completed many innovative projects in diverse fields, including projects for Fortune 100 clients.

Recently, S-MATRIX built an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Avionics Test Bench in Vancouver for a Fortune 100 client, Allied Signal Aerospace (ASA). The S-MATRIX ATE (see photograph above) was ASA's first ever, custom built system that was totally configured by the software. Subsequently, ASA moved the ATE to Montreal as the showpiece for its latest efforts to secure contracts and support from the Federal Government. S-MATRIX has supported this ATE, including its Graphical User Interface (GUI), via modem. We have also done remote troubleshooting, training and programming from our Vancouver office.

The ATE has the following key characteristics and specs:

The ATE was initially configured and programmed to test the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter AFC (Automatic Flight Control) and HH (Heading Hold) autopilot amplifiers. They are probably the most difficult cockpit electronics to test. Other ASA avionics operations in Canada and the USA, and the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) predicted that S-MATRIX would be fortunate indeed if it automated more than 30-40% of the certified test procedures using the proposed technology. Actually, the S-MATRIX ATE automated 100% of the test procedures. The original total R&O (Repair & Overhaul) time was approximately 2 weeks with a turnaround time of ~6 weeks. The S-MATRIX ATE reduces the autopilot troubleshooting time from about 25-30 hours to ~20-25 minutes and the turnaround time to as little as 24 hours. The S-76 operators pay the same price for the new R&O because of the improved service, reduced downtime and reduced need for spares (a critical industry parameter). The payback period for this ATE application is less than 1 year.

One of the very challenging and innovative features of the S-MATRIX ATE design is the solution to the Quality and Certification problems of the hardware, software and particularly the system. The ATE hardware components can each be separately calibrated and individually certified as was done for manual testing. The ATE software is written, documented and tested according to well established industry standards. Consequently, all of the test specification procedures can be easily identified and compared with corresponding software procedures.

The problem of the certification of the current system remains. The solution to this problem is found in the answer to the key question: How is the electronics technician, nicknamed Rudy1, certified to perform the required procedures? The answer is, of course, to have an authorized inspector audit and verify Rudy1 while performing all, or a statistically significant sample, of the tests.

The S-MATRIX ATE, nicknamed Rudy2, can be certified in exactly the same way. In certification mode, Rudy2 stops at every auditable verification point in the test procedure. The same authorized inspector can then verify testing performance in exactly the same way as with the human Rudy.

Some key factors determining the commercial viability of ATE for any application are lengthy and elaborate test procedures, repetitive setups of numerous instruments, elaborate measurements and complicated analysis. S-MATRIX designed ISCP (Instrument Setup, Capture & Playback) software tools to make it convenient for anyone doing electronic testing & measurement to benefit from the use of computer controlled instrumentation. The foundation of S-MATRIX ATE software is the ISCP tool, which can be adapted to all Plug-in, Serial, GPIB & VXI instrumentation. This software allows technicians to set up any group of instruments and capture the setups in a computer file. They can then playback the file with a detailed on-screen description of the setup, perform the measurements for which the setups were made, capture, analyze and store the results; and produce the required documentation and reports.

S-MATRIX has additional generic tools for all phases of the ATE software design, development and testing process which substantially reduce the time it takes to build an ATE system for any application.

Let S-MATRIX Contracting and Consulting Personnel help you with some of your most technically and financially challenging hardware / software / instrumentation applications.

S-MATRIX Vancouver British Columbia BC Canada experience: software development, aerospace, avionics, biotechnology, computers, efficient energy use, electronics, GPS, manufacturing, mineral exploration, photonics, telecommunications, software engineering

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S-MATRIX Vancouver British Columbia BC Canada experience: software development, aerospace, avionics, biotechnology, computers, efficient energy use, electronics, GPS, manufacturing, mineral exploration, photonics, telecommunications, software engineering

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Instrumentation Systems | Multi-User Computer Systems | Efficient Energy Use Systems

Avionics Test Bench | Instrumentation Systems Documentation | Software Documentation

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