170 Daily Actions to Transform Our World

(United Nations, 2020)


This UN comprehensive list of 170 daily actions is divided into 17 useful SDG Groups. A subset of this list is:  

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

The SDG Groups are humanity’s ever growing to-do list to transform our world into a just, secure, sustainable planet, a clear roadmap for a better future for all.

We are all responsible for being a part of the change. Our actions today affect the future of humanity including all that we love about this wonderful human experiment. Everyone deserves a fair and equal chance in life. These universal SDG’s goals reach far and wide; they leave no one behind. It is critical to understand that the SDG’s are interconnected. Poverty cannot be separated from hunger, education from women’s empowerment… If we understand the interconnections, we are closer to understanding the needs that must be met, and we are closer to achieving the 17 SDG’s. It is always time to give back to the planet and those who have gone before us what the planet and our human heritage has given to each of us. It is a simple and just imperative. We owe so much to those who have gone before us:

“Our Only Option to PayBack is to PayForward in Kind!”