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SMG is a WIP STEM Contracting, Consulting, Education, Project Management, R&D, Systems Integration, Training Group dedicated to assisting clients, colleagues and associates to better understand, manage, use and develop technology for the benefit of themselves, their businesses, their clients, and their enterprises within reasonable budget, time and quality constraints.

This webpage contains a summary of the more detailed content of the website.

Company Profile

SMG has a different business model than you have probably done business with in the past.

We have found that in the STEM Contracting, Consulting, R&D, Systems Integration, Training business our model works best for us and for our clients.

Our clients tell us about their most important problems.

We discuss those problems in-house, and with our colleagues and associates to see if we can put a team together to solve any of those problems.

The problems we believe that we can solve are discussed further with our clients including project management, personnel, timelines, and budgets – direct expenses, time & materials.

We do not try to duplicate the expertise of our clients.

We include their industry specific expertise in our team.

Our expertise is outlined in this profile.

SMG has been in the STEM general contracting, consulting, education, and R&D business for 34+ years.

More specifically, SMG wants to continue to make important contributions to the Transition to Earth 3.0-Sustainable Earth (Earth 2.0-Technological Earth, Earth 1.0-Natural Earth) based on:

  • Sustainability
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Respect for and preservation of our priceless biosphere for all future generations
  • Efficient use of all resources including renewable energy
  • Automation: Business | Factory | Industry | Laboratory | Office
  • Test & Measurement | Electronics | Virtual Instrumentation


Virtual Instrumentation:

  • Represents a fundamental shift from traditional hardware centered dedicated systems to software centered generic portable modular PC based systems which take advantage of the computational, display, productivity, and connectivity capabilities of today’s computers.
  • Is dramatically changing the paradigm in test and measurement, automation, and control by driving down costs and saving time without sacrificing performance.

Our clients hire us because they do not have our expertise and problem solving skills in-house.

They prefer to hire the needed expertise on a project by project basis.

The following is a summary of the business of SMG including:

Assets | Personnel Operations | Disciplines | Expertise | Products Services | Clients | Projects | Industries | Business Model

SMG has a number of exciting, challenging, and innovative multi-million$ projects in aerospace, electronics & instrumentation, sustainability, telecommunications that are currently seeking angel financing.

SMG aerospace assets are conservatively valued at 50-100 million$.

SMG sustainability assets are conservatively valued at 50-100 million$.

SMG also has assets in computer based home entertainment, GPS based mineral exploration, energy systems analysis and optimization, and telecommunications worth as much or more than the aerospace & sustainability assets.

The IP assets are valued at 10% of projected gross sales.

Enterprise shares are not included in this valuation.

With the right strategic partner(s), the aerospace assets have the potential to grow a billion$ ATE business with a 500+ million$ aerospace ATE division with technology that will save the commercial airline industry 8-10 billion$ per year (3-5%) in fuel costs, 3-5% in upper atmospheric pollution costs, and as yet undetermined operational & insurance costs.

A Business Plan is available to seriously interested parties.

The sustainability assets are IP assets.

They need to be moved to enterprises that can exploit their value to the maximum.

The current valuation is a royalty advance of 10% of gross sales based on the assets.

SMG is a general contracting group of partners, colleagues, and associates from:

Business | Education|Government | Industry | Sciences | Engineering

with wide ranging experience in hi-tech projects.

The diverse experience of SMG personnel includes, but is not limited to:

Finance | Sales Marketing | Project Management | Quality Control – Quality Assurance | Applied Physics | Industrial Design | Engineering Science | Applied Mathematics | Electronics Instrumentation | Software | Engineering | Network Design – Installation – Administration | Training Seminars | Documentation

SMG works regularly with a core group of 15-20 personnel – contractors.

Some of the personnel for almost all SMG client projects are selected from this core group.

SMG projects have often used contracting expertise outside this core group.

The local universities (SFU, UBC) and BCIT have been an excellent source for projects including personnel (students, staff, faculty) and facilities.

SMG works closely with clients to help them define their problems, and to develop a cost effective and timely strategy to meet their needs.

Usually, our team of carefully selected professionals works very closely with a group of client personnel.

Project plans, tasks, organization, budgets, schedules, documentation, QC-QA, training, division of labor, insurance, and support are efficiently presented, modified, approved, managed, and executed in a spirit of unified co-operation.

Since 1978, SMG has helped many clients, colleagues, and associates better understand, manage, use, and develop technology for the benefit of their organizations and clients within reasonable budget, time and quality constraints.

All SMG contractors are retained under Confidentiality, and Non-Competition Non-Disclosure Agreements.

These Agreements are available for review upon request.

As for many technology based companies, a reasonable estimate of gross revenue is the number of employees times $100-150,000 per year.

SMG disciplines include:

Applied Mathematics | Applied Physics | Computer Science | Engineering Science | Industrial Design | Training

SMG expertise includes:

QC – QA | Computers – Software | Electronics – Automation – Control | GPS | Sustainability

Data Acquisition – Analysis – Presentation | Instrumentation – Calibration – Test & Measurement

SMG products & services include:

A Large Portfolio of Projects & IP Seeking Angels – Venture Capital

Networks – LANs – WANs | Internet – W3 | Cloud Applications | Domain Registration – CMS Websites – Hosting

Effective Use of Smartphones – Apps | VoIP – Cloud PBX

EEU Analysis – Design – Audits – LCC | Math & Computer Models | Storage Daily – Annual

Electronics – Software | Ground Based GPS Mineral Exploration

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The SMG client list includes:

Atlantis Submarines | BC Research | BCIT | Bicer Medical | Boeing | Cronkhite Supply | Current Technology | Enertech | Epson | General Motors | Glacier National | Government of BC | Government of Canada | Highquest Engineering & Technology | Honeywell Aerospace & Defense | International Eco-House | International Hydrodynamics | Inventors | Local Architectural, Engineering, Hi-Tech Organizations | MAI | MDI – MDSI | Microsoft | Motorola | National Instruments | NRCC | Pacific Levitation (Magnetic) | Patents, IP | Private Investors, Angels | Rexon Computers | SCO | Seiko | Sikorsky | SFU | Stolt Sea Farm | Telxon | UBC | Unisys | United Technologies | University of Waterloo | US Military | Utilities | Vancouver City | Venture Capital Companies | Walden North | Whistler Blackcomb | White Wolf Explorations

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SMG clients & projects include the following industries:

Aerospace – Avionics – Defense | Biotech | Manufacturing | Mineral Exploration

Ocean Engineering – Desalination – Submersibles | Photonics | Security | Telecommunications

Green Energy: Geothermal; Small Hydro; Ocean Tidal – Wave; Solar Electric – Thermal; Wind

EEU: Electricity; Buildings Residential – Commercial; Business – Industry; Transportation

EEU Storage: Air – Battery – Capacitor – Chemical – Electrolysis – Flywheel – Grid – Pumped – Thermal

More Information

Tell us about your highest priority projects.

We will tell you if we can help you with any of them.

We will then give you the relevant information for your company or organization to assess the value of our participation in those projects.

More Information

SMG is the prototype for an international cloud based clearinghouse for STEM Personnel, Contractors, Consultants, Assets (IP), Clients, Projects, Education, R&D, Training.

Major goals:

  • Marshal the resources necessary to make important contributions to solving some of our most important and critical problems.
  • STEM personnel ownership, operations, profit sharing… on a project, participation, performance basis…

The SMG business model is dynamic, sustainable, scalable, growable, and of enormous value to the right angel investors.