Astonishing Things You Never Knew about Fossil Fuels from Bill McKibben

(Steve Hanley, CleanTechnica, 2022-01-10)


Some astonishing facts about the fossil fuels delivery system presented in this article are:

  • 40% of the world’s shipping delivers fossil fuels around the world to be burned.
  • There are much more than 100,000 delivery containers circling the globe continuously.
  • Added to the container ships are endless networks of pipelines, trucks, trains…; this network is prone to serious accidents including leaks, explosions, collisions, wasted energy, pollution of humanity’s biosphere…
  • Billions of tons of CO2, fine paticulates, methane, other pollutants… have spilled into humanity’s biosphere over the past century just to deliver the fossil fuels.
  • In addition to this monstrous energy delivery system, there are millions of uncapped and abandoned oil and gas wells,  and millions more waiting to be abandoned by the Fossils. This will be the subject of a future article on this website.
  • The subject of another future article on this website will be the state of the Fossils energy storage and refinery systems worldwide.
  • Fundamental truths:
    • Fossil fuels are utterly wasteful. After burning, more is needed to burn again, ad infinitum…
    • 11% of the energy used goes to finding more energy.
    • The Fossils like this business model because more is always needed.
    • The Fossils donate heavily to all officials so laws will be passed that benefit the Fossils.

Before proceeding with a comparison with renewable energy, a few important reminders:

  • The sun is the source of almost all energy on the planet including: biomass, rain, solar, wave, wind; not included, geothermal and nuclear that come with the birth of the planet, and tidal that comes with the dynamics of the oceans, the earth, the sun and the moon.
  • Fossil fuels are biomass energy originally created by the sun more than 4 or 5 hundred million years ago.
  • Rain energy or hydroelectric power comes from the gravitational potential energy of water evaporated by the sun, concentrated by mountains and rivers, stored by dams, pumped storage, and generic options like fuel cells. It is useful to remind ourselves that rain energy is more intermittent than direct solar energy and indirect solar energy like the winds.

The differences between renewable energy and fossil fuels to power the planet are stark, obvious and dramatic:

  • The sun has powered the earth since the beginning and will to the end.
  • Renewable energy is already distributed across the globe.
  • Renewable energy is limitless, no further exploration or mining required.
  • The renewable energy conversion technologies are all cheaper and much simpler than the fossil fuel technologies and getting even cheaper especially when you consider damage to humanity’s biosphere that the Fossils lie about, ignore, lobby for taxpayer dollars to pay for their business operationing expenses.
  • The renewable energy delivery systems, copper wire and other electromagnetic field options, are much cheaper, simpler, cleaner, more secure, versatile, localized and democatic than the Fossils expensive, cumbersome and dangerous delivery and storage system Goliaths.
  • The challenge is renewable energy storage. There are many options. Synergies are numerous, dramatic and important.
  • The possibilities are limitless.
  • If you can’t respond to the challenge, just get out of the way! Those who can will pass the planet forward in a condition all humanity past, present and future deserves.

An interesting observation. A prominent component of the current campaign of Fossil misinformation is to attach a Green Premium to renewable energy. They state that a Green Premium must be paid to have all of the benefits. The Fossils claim that renewable energies cost more than fossil fuels by an amount equal to their Green Premium. The Fossils claim that we must find a way for renewables to cost the same or less than fossil fuels that do not provide so called Green Premium benefits. To summarize, the Fossils insist that in order to be competitive renewables with all the Green Premium benefits must cost the same or less than fossil fuels without any of the Green Premium benefits. What? Is this a Fossil oxymoron, made even more moronic by the data that renewables including all the Green Premium benefits are in fact already less expensive than the fossil fuels without any of the Green Premium benefits.

A very interesting SE3LLC business perspective:

  • Our Sun has replaced the Fossils’ outrageously costly, inefficient, destructive, dangerous… dinosaur energy exploration system for free!
  • Our Sun has replaced the Fossils’ outrageously costly, inefficient, destructive, dangerous… dinosaur energy delivery system for free!
  • Our Sun is even giving us all the free, efficient, clean, healthy, safe… energy that we will ever need to build and maintain a just, sustainable home for all humanity for the natural lifetime of this planet! 
  • SE3LLC business just doesn’t get any better than this!