Canada’s Oil Pipeline to Nowhere Tripling Costs Could Have Built HVDC Across the Country

(Michael Barnard, CleanTechnica, 2023-03-13)


Was any part of the approval process of the Alberta dilbit Trans Mountain Pipeline to Nowhere informed by independent expert economic, engineering, environmental, scientific… review in the best interests of all Canadian FSTs, humanity, humanity’s planet – healthcare – welfare – future…?

As this article summarizes, a better option for less money is an HVDC electricity network all across Canada. Some of the many advantages of an HVDC network are:

  • Lower costs:
    • Infrastructure
    • Equipment
    • Land, right-of-ways: use of roadways, train tracks… where large amounts of the energy is used
    • Insurance: lower risk of operational accidents, damage…
    • Maintenance, repair…
  • Cost efficient energy transfer: much less complex, expensive… than pipelines, tanker ships – trains – trucks… the militia needed to secure them
  • Versatile: ability to carry energy efficiently with low losses over great distances from where energy is currently available to where energy is currently needed; ideal for all renewable energy; ideal for EEU of Fossils like cogeneration; substantial reduction of the size of energy storage needed
  • Jobs: many more in the energy source jurisdictions where the opportunities would remain with the energy and the money; already more jobs in the sustainable energy businesses than all the jobs in the history of the Fossil energy businesses
  • Future proof: electricity is the form of choice for a sustainable planet using EEU and sustainable energy sources

Why are the Fossil decision makers not held accountable for:

  • The failure to use independent qualified expertise in the decision making process to help identify decidedly better more economic options for the future of all FSTs? 
  • This unacceptable neglect of the future of all Citizens including their health and welfare?
  • This unacceptable waste of FSTs money?
  • This unacceptable neglect of the best interests of their employers, the FSTs?
  • The lack of FSTs dollars to guarantee a fully functioning healthcare system? Given instead to the biosphere polluting, destroying… Fossils? 
  • Supporting Fossil Industry lobbies to pay for as many legitimate industry expenses as possible including infrastructure, cost overruns, damage to the biosphere, damage to the health of all FSTs…?
  • Supporting Fossil Industry lobbies to pay for as many of the Fossil Industry losses as possible?

Is this just another example of the Fossil industries only justification for everything they do for the greedy interests of their shareholders including owners, executives, other Fossils… at the expense of everyone else including Clients, FSTs, Humanity’s future?