Universal Ownership: Why environmental externalities matter to institutional investors

Comments Many indicators regarding the health of the world’s environment remain firmly in the red. Trends such as climate change, water scarcity, air pollution, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation all continue to threaten humanity’s finite stock of natural capital and the ability of the world economy to provide sustainable growth and prosperity for all. Is […]

The Dirty Dozen: Meet America’s Top Climate Villains

Comments Who are The Dirty Dozen? The Woke-Washer: Mike Wirth, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Chevron The Ringleader: Darren Woods, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Exxon ExxonMobil The Enabler: Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank The Financier: Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock The Kingpin: Charles Koch, Chairman & CEO of Koch Industries The Obstructionist: Mitch […]

Better Business Better World

Comments The 60 Biggest Marketing Opportunities described in this report and the Sustainability Marketing Opportunities described throughout the SMG website will be the Business, Investment, Marketing, Project… Foundation of SE3LLC.

The Sustainable Development Goals 2022

Comments The Future is Now! Science is Our Only Option for Achieving Sustainable Development! The Goals and Divisions of SE3LLC will Mirror the Sustainable Development Goals of this Report.

Utilities Wage Campaign against Rooftop Solar

Comments The nature of the opposition to rooftop solar is a measure of the power of the solution: A simple calculation shows, for example, that the USA can be energy self-sufficient and independent in less than 10 years by focusing on rooftop solar alone. Include parking lots, road and railway right-of-ways, airports, golf courses, athletic […]