Canada’s Oil Pipeline to Nowhere Tripling Costs Could Have Built HVDC Across the Country

Comments Was any part of the approval process of the Alberta dilbit Trans Mountain Pipeline to Nowhere informed by independent expert economic, engineering, environmental, scientific… review in the best interests of all Canadian FSTs, humanity, humanity’s planet – healthcare – welfare – future…? As this article summarizes, a better option for less money is an […]

Astonishing Things You Never Knew about Fossil Fuels from Bill McKibben

Comments Some astonishing facts about the fossil fuels delivery system presented in this article are: 40% of the world’s shipping delivers fossil fuels around the world to be burned. There are much more than 100,000 delivery containers circling the globe continuously. Added to the container ships are endless networks of pipelines, trucks, trains…; this network […]

The Dirty Dozen: Meet America’s Top Climate Villains

Comments Who are The Dirty Dozen? The Woke-Washer: Mike Wirth, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Chevron The Ringleader: Darren Woods, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Exxon ExxonMobil The Enabler: Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank The Financier: Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock The Kingpin: Charles Koch, Chairman & CEO of Koch Industries The Obstructionist: Mitch […]

Leave Fossil Fuels Buried to Prevent Climate Change

Comments If the bookkeeping is honest, solar energy is already a much better energy supply investment than any of the fossil fuels – it costs not a little, but a lot less. What is honest bookkeeping you ask? Insist that the fossil fuel industries pay all of their real costs; do not let these industries […]