Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

Comments Is it possible to include the following additional fuel costs of ICEV’s as reduced efficiency items: Exploration and delivery costs All military costs including degraded quality of life and loss of lives protecting the supply chains Pollution and biosphere degradation costs Addition healthcare, reduced quality of life, loss of life costs Millions of years […]

Global Sustainable Development

Comments The Future is Now! Science is Our Only Option for Achieving Sustainable Development! The very best Science will guide all of our global sustainable development decisions including the structure and operations of SE3LLC.

Power World by Solar Energy from 1% of Sahara

Comments In a single hour, the amount of energy from the sun that strikes the Earth (120 x 1012 kWh SI) is more than the entire world consumes in an entire year. SMG has a solution to the Energy Storage Challenge. The nuclear option: does this article provide convincing evidence that the actual costs of: […]

Leave Fossil Fuels Buried to Prevent Climate Change

Comments If the bookkeeping is honest, solar energy is already a much better energy supply investment than any of the fossil fuels – it costs not a little, but a lot less. What is honest bookkeeping you ask? Insist that the fossil fuel industries pay all of their real costs; do not let these industries […]

12 Graphics that Contain Everything You Need to Know about Climate Change

Comments When talking with pseudo scientists about climate change, ask them if they know anything about science, the scientific method, the scientific community, or scientific peer review. Ask them for answers to the following questions: What is the difference between climate and weather? What is the greenhouse effect as it applies to: an actual greenhouse; […]

The Storage Necessity Myth

https://www.smatrixgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/storage_necessity_myth.mp4 Comments What we have learned about renewable energy storage from this and other studies: As with all investments, an energy portfolio is based on a selection of a hierarchy of investments with the greatest ROI. At the top of that RCIT & electrical supply hierarchy are EEU investments. In energy as in all investments, […]

The Carbon Bathtub

Comments A very simple overview of the major human mechanisms producing a rapid increase in atmospheric carbon unprecedented in 800,000 years, and the major natural  mechanisms capable of absorbing only ~45% of that production.