Following is a partial list organized by industry of some of the many projects SMG has worked on and completed. Reference is made to some of the additional types of projects SMG has the expertise to work on based on client experience and current expertise.

Clients / Industries


  • Automated test & measurement
  • Industrial automation

Applied Mathematics *

* Coming soon…

Applied Physics

  • Automated test & measurement
  • Automation: building, industry, office, process
  • Spectral analysis & design enhancements for lighting systems
  • Vacuum multilayer optical coatings


  • Medical, Healthcare, Fitness, Sports Electronics
  • Automated test & measurement
  • Preparation for, documentation of, application for USFDA certification of client technologies
  • RD&D of client technologies: therapeutic electromagnetic stimulation devices, advanced imaging technology
  • WAN software for clinics, client records, accounting, equipment management, procedure & technology trials
  • Therapeutic & training applications of TENS technology


  • Build, test, administer, and support local, wide area, and cloud based client networks
  • Build, test, and support local, wide area, and cloud based client applications including email and information services
  • Domain name registration, brokerage
  • Packaged and custom STEM application software including: project & information management, applied mathematics & physics, communications, automation
  • Website development using CSS, HTML, Visual (Adobe products like Dreamweaver, Photoshop), CMS (products like WordPress) based tools


  • Automated test & measurement: all cockpit electronics of rotary wing aircraft
  • Automated test & measurement: all cockpit electronics of fixed wing aircraft

Earth 3.0

  • Software for:
    • EEU design including LCC for RCIT applications including community planning and renewable energy sources
    • Energy management and recovery: buildings, industrial processes, heat pumps, co-generation, heat pumps
    • Solar energy applications: active, passive, photovoltaics, seasonal storage
  • EEU design courses and seminars
  • Automated test and measurement of all RCIT actions including the environment
  • Automation of many RCIT activities
  • Science center displays and exhibits


  • Science center displays and exhibits
  • Media submissions & programming recommendations


  • Automated test & measurement
  • Industrial automation

Engineering Science

  • R&D
  • Automated test & measurement
  • Automation for all industrial sectors


  • Prisons as sources of assembly and manufacturing labor
  • Valued added economics: products that use indigenous materials
  • Feasibility studies


  • Navigation: software development
  • Athlete training
  • Databases: real estate, Earth 3.0
  • Exploration: minerals
  • Tourism


  • Test and measurement
  • Automation
  • Robotics – amortized hourly LCC less than minimum wages – for competitive local manufacturing

Ocean Engineering

  • Automated test & measurement systems: coastal ocean floor mapping & exploration, environment monitoring
  • Wave and tidal energy
  • Clean water and desalination for coastal cities & communities, resort properties, ships
  • Manned & unmanned submersibles for exploration, and servicing of marine industries


  • Automated test & measurement
  • Mobile voice, data, media, text applications
  • Smartphone applications: bar code readers, laser scanners, maps, transaction processors
  • Smartphone optimal app selection, configuration, implementation, support, training
  • VoIP phone systems with an ROI of  3-10x or more per year
  • Wireless networks: data collection, sales force automation, trade show applications

The Media

  • Effective communications about what is best and brightest in our world
  • Programming recommendations based on statistical relevance to society
  • Science reporting done right: peer review vs advocacy; opposing points of view from ignorant amateurs is meaningless and irrelevant in science
  • Story submissions


  • Technology transfer and commercialization
  • Foster partnerships like those fostered by Hewlett Packard
  • STEM public education
  • STEM education and training for non-university jobs


  • Consultation: EEU technology LCC evaluation & implementation planning for all RCIT sectors
  • Consultation: renewable energy technology LCC evaluation & implementation planning for all RCIT sectors
  • Energy storage: load leveling, seasonal
  • Smart electronics & grids