In this segment of the SMG website, we provide some of the most important documents used in the day to day operations of our business. Our

  • Contracts
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Non-Competition Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Contract Terms: Remuneration, Rates, Payment, Responsibilities…

help to establish the relationship between SMG and all of our personnel. The contracts contribute to the efficiency of our operations. The contracts help to protect all of the rights, including IP, of our clients, our personnel, and our company.

Our project documents, sample TOC provided here

are the foundation of our client relationships. These documents insure that projects are completed beyond client expectations on time and on budget.

One of the main goals of the SMG website is to present SMG credentials as accurately, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Our

are a measure of the quality of our original work as judged by the international STEM community. That quality, originality, and innovation extends to everything we do.

The SMG website, of necessity, contains a lot of STEM technical jargon. Providing a dynamic and living

that reaches all corners of the website, brings a clarity and understanding of the business of SMG not possible in the printed media.