This is a summary of the many types of questions asked of SMG including those by associates, clients, colleagues, consultants, contractors, personnel.

Emphasis is on questions that surprisingly do not appear to have been asked by anyone before including the Media whose main purpose is to inform, to educate, and to inspire society: facts, knowledge, truth?


Reference: David Suzuki with Amanda McConnell & Adrienne Mason “The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature: Updated & Expanded” (Greystone Books, 2007)

This is an answer to the many questions from many concerned citizens of Planet Earth about discovering our place in the Cosmos and our only possible future.

A must for all citizens of Planet Earth to develop a fundamental appreciation and understanding of the complex and delicately balanced natural, technological, and sustainable history of our home, Planet Earth 3.0, is the referenced very readable book. SMG and the authors of the book are dedicated to answering all the questions you might have related to the subject of this book.

Included in the book are basic explorations of the following Planet Earth topics:

  • Cosmological history: stardust, stars, galaxies, planetary systems
  • Cosmological energy sources: electromagnetism, gravity, nuclear
  • Primary earth energy sources: the Sun and derived sources like solar heat, solar electricity, hydroelectricity – a form of solar energy that uses the gravitational potential energy of evaporation, waves, wind
  • Geological history: origins of the substances that support all life: air, water, soil, energy (symbolically fire)
  • Evolution of life: biosphere, ecological systems, delicate balances that support life
  • Relationships: biodiversity & ecological stability, genetic blueprint & evolutionary unity
  • Cultural & social diversity, communities
  • Knowledge & education: art & architecture, economics, engineering, government, history, languages, literature, mathematics, medicine, music, philosophy, psychology, science, sociology
  • Agriculture, industry, trade
  • A New Millennium: Sustainability & Self-Sufficiency

Are entrenched supporters of only the fossil fuel industries, and not a revolutionary or even evolutionary sustainable, renewable energy path forward for Planet Earth, playing with the Forces and Laws of Nature with the most profound and dangerous form of Ignorance – Ignorance of One’s Ignorance?

Is the coming Sustainable Earth 3.0 Age based on Renewable Energy at least 100x larger and more profound than the Information Age we are passing through; are the Opportunities of the New Age at least 100x larger and more profound?

Is it time for our next generation to tell our current generation:

  • “About the Future We Want and We Deserve!”
  • “Help Us, or Just Keep Out of Our Way – Our Future is Unstoppable!”
  • “We Are Not Afraid!”
  • “Are You?”
  • Support universal public education, recognized by the Greeks, the US founding fathers like Jefferson, others as a fundamental requirement of a sustainable democracy.
    • Can corporations whose only goal is the enrichment of their executives and shareholders provide this service at a fair affordable price for all?
    • Education for women is a fundamental corollary of human rights are women’s rights. A likely consequence is sustainable population control.
  • Support universal proactive healthcare, a fundamental requirement of a productive healthy sustainable democracy.
    • Can corporations whose only goal is the enrichment of their executives and shareholders provide this service at a fair affordable price for all? Their corporate mandate is retroactive expensive medical care – cure versus prevention.
  • Energy supply and demand:
    • Comprehensive energy use audits by jurisdictions and sectors: national; districts or states; municipalities; sectors – RCIT; end use and supply.
    • The audit becomes the basis for your energy investment portfolio.
    • As with all investment portfolios, the purchase – implementation plan is based on the highest ROI: net %’s and total $’s. The following generalized energy investment criteria can be used help to identify those investments with the greatest ROI in descending order: Energy saving; Energy efficiency; Renewable; Low emissions; Conventional.
    • An effective plan based on efficiency and renewable sustainable energy supplies by sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Lifestyle changes:
    • Shorter distances between home and work, and other daily activities
    • Transportation: walking, biking, mass transit, uber transit
    • Food based on proactive wellness and environmental impact including sustainability
      • Vegetable protein requires 7-10x less feedstock than the same amount of animal protein
      • Sustainable organic natural foods based on the evolution of the human organism: no toxic chemicals – fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, other
    • Recycling: using materials in all human activities that can be recycled
    • Doing more with less
  • Use LCC economics in all your decision making. What are the true life cycle costs of all that you do and all that you use to the ecology of a Sustainable Earth and all of the inhabitants?
  • Ethical consumer choices: voting with your $’s; many best options for lifestyle choices; many of the same choices as under the next item ethical value investment.
  • Ethical value investment and stock portfolio choices in support of all sustainability options. Very powerful voting with your $’s options. More and more being supported by institutions, mutual funds, pension funds, trusts, banks, and other financial institutions that recognize the realities of fair and honest LCC bookkeeping and economics, and the power of divestiture. Examples:
    • Eliminate tobacco and other proven cancer and disease producing stocks from your portfolio.
    • Consider eliminating organizations from your portfolio that operate unethically, if not illegally, like those responsible for the 2007-2008 financial crisis and those that complete memberships without the individual’s consent.
    • Consider eliminating environmentally damaging – biosphere, land, water, air – fossil fuel stocks from your portfolio.
    • Consider eliminating from your portfolio junk food stocks like soft drinks and other heavily processed snack food that are detrimental to wellness.
    • Consider eliminating transportation stocks from your portfolio like automobile manufacturers that are not rapidly moving towards using renewable energy to build and to fuel their energy efficient and recyclable vehicles.
    • Support all investments that do not pollute any part of our planet.
  • Stock portfolio choices: very powerful voting with your $’s options; much more powerful for individuals than politics where you only have 1 vote; active participation in the political process should not be neglected.
  • Additional examples of possible EEU and sustainable energy technologies to be used and to be included in your portfolio:
    • Energy Supplies:
      • Cleaner fuels for the transition to Sustainable Earth 3.0: natural gas
      • Clean renewable sustainable energy supplies: hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, wave, tidal
    • Lifestyle:
      • Accommodation: personal, higher density, shared, multi-function
      • Vehicles: personal, alternate, shared, mass transit
    • Low LCC EEU technologies
      • Appliances, electronics
      • Energy use management: programmable heating & cooling, appliances, lighting
      • Home design, remodeling: types, landscaping
      • Lighting, day-lighting
      • Space heating & cooling
      • Water heating
      • Weatherization: audits, insulation, infiltration, ventilation
      • Windows, doors, skylights

The answers to the first question – how to respond and benefit proactively – are:

  • Education – Training, Education – Training, Education – Training
  • Respect, trust, support for our Scientific Community and the use of the Scientific Method for the acquisition of knowledge, facts, truth, understanding
  • Recognition that without our Scientific Community and the Scientific Method civilization would still be in caves
  • Without Medical Science alone, most of us over the age of 25 would not be alive today
  • Without Physics, there would be:
    • No transistor, no solid state electronics, no computers and smartphones, no information age, no internet
    • No photovoltaics, semiconductors optimized to convert sunlight into electricity
    • No fundamental understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum that permeates all of everyday life
    • No medical diagnostic tools
    • No understanding of the genome, the architecture of all life as we know it, and the foundation of all future wellness and healthcare
    • No understanding of evolution that gives profound meaning to all of our lives
    • No understanding of the origin (The Big Bang) and the structure of the universe, and our place in it
    • No understanding of how we are all made of stardust from exploding stars, the source of the heavier elements in the periodic table
    • No understanding of the difference between climate and weather
    • No understanding of entropy and the laws of thermodynamics, and their relevance to the ecology of our biosphere.
  • Without Science, all of the predictions in the following article would not even be dreams.
  • To quote the Pope and his Scientific Council, an excellent precedent for all who love knowledge and truth: “Science trumps religion” and “Science trumps the opinions of all – businesses, media, politicians, reporters, others – who think opinions or anecdotes have any validity, relevance or meaning in the search for scientific truth (SMG clarification of the Scientific Method)”.
  • If you want proactive help with your future contact SMG.
The answer to the second question is well presented by the following article by Dr Robert M Goldman reproduced here in its entirety with some changes and additions.
SMG highly recommends planning your future using the intelligence and insight contained in this article.
SMG adds Sustainable Earth 3.0 as the “sine qua non” to these predictions.

Reference: Future Predictions (Dr Robert M Goldman, 2016-06-017)

Digital Images, Video, The Future

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 years – and most people don’t see it coming.

Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on paper film again? Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore’s law. With today’s smartphones, who even has a camera these days? So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, before it became way superior and got mainstream in only a few short years.

It will now happen with energy, artificial intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Exponential Age.


Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.

Uber is just a software tool, they don’t own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world. Did taxi companies see that coming?

Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties. Did hotel companies see that coming?

Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems

Computers have become exponentially better in understanding some of the world. Recently, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected.

In the US, young lawyers already don’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans. So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future. Only specialists will remain.

Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 time more accurate than human nurses.

Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. By 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.

Computers can be unplugged.

Autonomous Cars

In 2018 the first self-driving cars will appear for the public. Around 2020, the entire industry will start to be disrupted. You won’t want to own a car anymore. You will call a car with your phone. It will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it. You only pay for the driven distance and can be productive while driving. Today’s children will never get a driver’s license and will never own a car.

This will change the cities. We will need 90-95% fewer cars. We can transform former parking space into parks.

About 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. We now have one accident every 100,000 km. With autonomous driving that will drop to one accident in 10 million km. That will save more than a million lives each year.

Most car companies may come bankrupt. Traditional car companies will be evolutionary; just build a better car. Tech companies like Tesla, Apple, Google… will be revolutionary; build a computer on wheels.

Many engineers from Volkswagen, Audi… are terrified of Tesla and other companies that only offer EV’s.


Insurance Companies will have massive trouble because without accidents, the insurance will become 100x cheaper. Their car insurance business model will disappear.

Real Estate

Real estate will change. Because if you can work while you commute, people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood.

Cities, Electricity

Electric cars won’t become mainstream until 2020.

Cities will be less noisy because all cars will run on electricity.

Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean: solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can only now see the impact. Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil fuel energy. The price for solar will drop so much that all coal companies will be out of business by 2025.


With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water. Desalination now only needs 2 kWh per cubic meter. We don’t have scarce water in most places, we only have scarce drinking water. Imagine what will be possible if anyone can have as much clean water as he wants, for nearly no cost.

Healthcare, Wellness

There will be companies that will build a medical device (called the “Tricorder” from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample and you breathe into it. It then analyses 54 bio-markers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be so cheap that in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medicine, nearly for free. Phone healthcare apps are growing and improving rapidly.

Healthcare, Wellness: Longevity

Right now, the average lifespan increases by 3 months per year. Four years ago, the life span used to be 79 years, now it’s 80 years. The increase itself is increasing and by 2036, there will be more than one year increase per year. So we all might live for a long long time, probably way more than 100.

3D Printing, Manufacturing, Robotics

The price of the cheapest 3D printer came down from $18,000 to $400 within 10 years. In the same time, it became 100 times faster. All major shoe companies started 3D printing shoes. Spare airplane parts are already 3D printed in remote airports. The space station now has a printer that eliminates the need for the large number of spare parts they used to have in the past.

At the end of this year, new smart phones will have 3D scanning possibilities. You can then 3D scan your feet and print your perfect shoe at home. In China, they already 3D printed a complete 6-story office building. By 2027, 10% of everything that’s being produced will be 3D printed.

Business Opportunities

If you think of a niche you want to go into, ask yourself: “in the future, do you think we will have that?” and if the answer is yes, how can you make that happen sooner? If it doesn’t work with your phone, forget the idea. And any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st century.

Work, Jobs, Robotics

70-80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a small time.

Agriculture, Robotics

There will be a $100 agricultural robot in the future. Farmers in 3rd world countries can then become managers of their field instead of working all days on their fields. Agroponics will need much less water. The first Petri dish produced veal is now available and will be cheaper than cow-produced veal in 2018. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces is used for cows. Imagine if we don’t need that space anymore. There are several startups that will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as “alternative protein source” (because most people still reject the idea of eating insects).

Psychology, Forensics, Wellness

There is an app called “moodies” which can already tell in which mood you are. By 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions if you are lying. Imagine a political debate where it’s being displayed when they are telling the truth and when not.

Finance, Retail, Banking

Bitcoin will become mainstream this year and might even become the default reserve currency.

Education, Information

The cheapest smartphones are already at $10 in Africa and Asia. By 2020, 70% of all humans will own a smart phone. That means, everyone has the same access to world class education.


  1. What do you know about the laws of thermodynamics and their relationship to energy, efficiency, efficacy, entropy, information, the biosphere, the environment, life on this planet, jobs…?
    1. Should the laws of thermodynamics help determine the energy policy of the Gates Foundation?
    2. Should the laws of thermodynamics help determine the energy policy of Intellectual Ventures, LLC?
    3. Should the laws of thermodynamics help determine the energy technology investment policies of the Gates family, other world leaders, all political jurisdictions?
    4. An example: does the Gates family cut their butter with a chainsaw?
    5. Another example: what are the true costs of nuclear energy including the thermal pollution footprint?
  2. Where are Ethical, Sustainable, Net Wealth Producing Jobs – Hint: in the US, Renewable Sustainable Energy including EEU employs more people than oil, coal, and gas combined (Reference: U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USDOE, January 2017)?
    1. How many sustainable jobs are created by: an economy based on the destruction of our home Planet?
    2. Are non sustainable jobs that seriously damage our Planet the types of jobs we want and need; are these types of jobs net wealth producers, or do they seriously penalize or even eliminate the future?
    3. Do you know the total employment and job creation facts for the Energy sector that includes – the first 2 are the Traditional Energy sector:
      1. Electric Power Generation and Fuels
      2. Transmission, Distribution, and Storage
      3. Energy Efficiency
      4. Motor Vehicles
    4. Are world leaders focusing their job creation efforts on a Sustainable Future, on the Energy sectors with the greatest growth potential, the greatest opportunities for net wealth production, and the greatest possible health, prosperity, and welfare for all Earth 3.0 citizens?
  3. Does Earth 3.0 need more chess or checkers players, or at least citizens and leaders that know the difference?
    1.  What can Earth 3.0 chess players do in a world full of checkers players?
  4. Earth 3.0: is there any other option for your family and your friends, for all that you love?
  5. The Gates Foundation is looking to help prevent or cure some epidemics – have you examined:
    1. The pervasive pollution pandemic attacking our home Earth 3.0?
    2. The pervasive ignorance pandemic of Science, what Science does and how well it does it, and the contribution of Science to the quality of all life on Earth 3.0? As  examples, consider:
      1. Medical Science and all the diagnostic tools that have come from Physics?
      2. The semiconductor, the transistor, integrated circuits, PC’s, smartphones, the Internet, the Information Age?
    3. The ethical and moral pandemic in politics, business, education, healthcare exemplified by:
      1. Corporate greed, corporate welfare, corporate socialism: the ends, executive and shareholder wealth, justify any means?
      2. The distortion of the true meaning of Government for and by the people?

Reference: The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing (Benjamin Graham, 1949, Revised 2006-02-21)

WB considers this reference by his mentor the best book of all time on value investing. SMG is currently not aware that the following questions have ever been asked of WB anyplace in the media or during any of his many interviews including those by some of the brightest students at some of the best universities in the world. These questions are asked here because of the great respect he commands in all of us, and the great influence he has on the leadership of the world – business, economics, education, government, investment. They are asked with the profound hope that his answers will facilitate the rapid transition to a Sustainable, Ethical, Just, Earth 3.0 for All. The questions are:

  1. Are ethics and sustainability mentioned anywhere in the referenced book?
  2. Should ethics and sustainability be important qualities of value investing?
    1. If so, is Coca Cola, your stated “greatest investment success”, ethical or sustainable?
    2. What about the business practices of Wells Fargo, another of “your greater investment successes”?
    3. What about the business practices of the fossil fuel industries?
    4. What about the business practices of the Alberta tar sands?
    5. What about the business practices of Nevada Energy?
  3. Do you agree that the USA is the most socialistic – corporate welfare | corporate socialism – country in the world?
    1. Do you agree with corporate welfare | corporate socialism?
    2. What if subsidies are greater to one industry like fossil fuels than to another like sustainable, renewable energy that straight up is cheaper, cleaner, more abundant and usable, a greater source of new jobs, better for the biosphere, better for the health of the inhabitants of the planet, in summary better for Planet Earth 3.0?
  4. Who actually pays for the real costs of doing business when public funds, tax revenues, are used to pay for externalized corporate costs?
    1. Examples of externalized business costs: extra healthcare costs caused by environmental damage, serious irreversible ecosystem damage, corporate losses, R&D, exploration, foreign labor… ?
    2. How are the marketplace and society affected by these subsidies?
  5. Can businesses whose corporate goal is to enhance executive and shareholder wealth realistically serve the best interests of public education and public healthcare, foundations of a just, intelligent, healthy democracy?
  6. Do you know enough about Canada and the Global ecology to:
    1. Unequivocally state what is right for Canada and what is right for world ecology and health with respect to the sale of Canadian natural resources?
    2. Evaluate the consequences of your investments for the ecology, the people, and all other lifeforms of Earth 3.0?
    3. In good conscience continue to neglect these consequences?
  7. Do your accountants, lawyers, and other advisers provide you with the framework and standards to make good ethical, sustainable, scientific business investment decisions?
  8. Do you like the Pope have a scientific advisory to inform you about scientific matters, the scientific method, relevant scientific truths, and the scientific community particularly as they relate to ethical and sustainable business, government, education, investment, social decisions?
    1. Does WB Trump Science or does Science trump WB?
  9. If someone could teach you to waltz, would you dance with them?

A Canadian VAE | The AVRO Arrow | The Alberta Tar Sands | Renewable Energy | Sustainable Earth 3.0 | Ethical, Sustainable, Net Wealth Producing Jobs | Scientific Facts, Knowledge, Truth | Ethical & Moral Authority

  1. How many independent scientists do you have in your entourage when you are promoting your Alberta tar sands agenda?
  2. Do you know that you have one of the best independent scientific communities in the world to advise you on scientific facts, knowledge, truth?
    1. Do you really understand the importance to science | the scientific method | scientific facts, knowledge, truth of independent expertise?
  3. Would it not be wise, and in the best interests of the Canadian people who employ you, the rest of the world, and a Sustainable Planet Earth 3.0, to include independent scientific evaluation of the total LCC and consequences of your tar sands agenda?
    1. Isn’t asking only fossil fuel industry executives | shareholders | employees | Alberta politicians | other industry cronies about your tar sands agenda like asking the fox in the hen house if the chickens are going to be OK?
  4. Do you really understand the meaning of a VAE?
    1. Did any of your predecessors in the Prime Minister’s office dating back to WW2, and another of Canada’s greatest moments in history, the AVRO Canada Arrow Program (1949-1959), really understand the meaning of a VAE?
    2. Did any of you know that the Arrow was and still is one of the top 5 supersonic jet aircraft in the history of the world?
    3. Did any of you know the consequences to the Canadian economy | the Canadian aerospace industry | the Canadian commercial aviation industry, including air-frames | jet engines | navigation | passenger jets | the Canadian space program of the cancellation of the Arrow program under extreme pressure from the US government to just be their source for natural resources, just buy their outdated missile technology: ” No need for Canada to manufacture a supersonic jet interceptor superior in every way to all US jets then and now; we will take care of you”?
    4. Did you know that when the program was cancelled by the Canadian Government, AVRO Canada had European orders for 500+ Arrow technology based jet engines?
    5. Did you know that the Arrow design team, one of the best in the history of the world, was an absolutely essential component of the heart of the US space program?
    6. Did you know that after the complete demolition of the AVRO Arrow by the Canadian Government, essentially all of the AVRO Canada personnel were hired by the US aerospace industry?
  5. Does selling non-sustainable, non-renewable natural resource assets increase the value of the Canadian Balance Sheet: at all; as much as building enterprises based on those resources?
    1. Why are China, the US, other countries buying those resources; can we learn from them?
    2. Why are we building the infrastructures to ship our natural resources to China and the US; and then buying them back at elevated prices as raw material components of foreign manufactured products?
    3. Why not build:
      1. a Canadian tar sands refinery and co-generation power plant;
      2. an efficient and evolving renewable electrical energy supply industry with market driven derivative industries?
    4. Is copper wire a cheaper, cleaner, safer carrier of energy for a sustainable planet than fossil fuel pipelines?
    5. What is the transportation EEU% of fossil fuels burned in an ICE; burned in a centralized power plant generating electricity for transportation; burned in a centralized co-generation power plant generating electricity for transportation and heat for other processes? Hint: 25% – 50% – 60+%
    6. What is the net pollution reduction of the air | land | water following this agenda? Hint – see 5.e: centralized power plant ~ 0.5 x ICE pollution | centralized co-generation power plant ~ 0.4 x ICE pollution.
    7. What are the consequences to the Canadian$, the Canadian economy, the Canadian people, and a Sustainable Planet Earth 3.0 of this VAE agenda?
    8. Can we co-develop the Alberta tar sands and EEU resources with other Canadian EEU resources, Renewables1 & Renewables2, for the following applications to name just two?
      1. Do you know that Google data farms, symbolically the Cloud, are: the largest users of electricity in the world; looking for good locations with cheap, clean, reliable, efficient renewable energy?
      2. Do you know the size of the electrified vehicle market in North America alone?
  6. Where are Ethical, Sustainable, Net Wealth Producing Jobs – Hint: in the US, Renewable Sustainable Energy including EEU employs more people than oil, coal, and gas combined (Reference: U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USDOE, January 2017))?
    1. How many sustainable jobs are created by: an economy based on the sale of natural resources; a VAE?
    2. How many sustainable jobs are created by manufacturing and production based economies that use natural resources as their raw materials; why are we shipping our resources to other countries?
    3. Are non sustainable jobs that seriously damage our Planet the types of jobs we want and need; are these types of jobs net wealth producers?
    4. Do you know the total employment and job creation facts for the Energy sector that includes – the first 2 are the Traditional Energy sector:
      1. Electric Power Generation and Fuels
      2. Transmission, Distribution, and Storage
      3. Energy Efficiency
      4. Motor Vehicles
    5. Are you focusing your job creation efforts on a Sustainable Future, on the Energy sectors with the greatest growth potential and the greatest opportunities for net wealth production?
  7. Do you love facts, knowledge, truth?
    1. Do you think that you can hide facts, knowledge, truth?
    2. Do you think that you can muzzle facts, knowledge, truth?
    3. Do you think that you can buy and sell facts, knowledge, truth?
    4. Do you think that facts, knowledge, truth can be distorted in support of personal agendas?
    5. Do you think that facts, knowledge, truth are determined by those who have the most money?
    6. Do you think that facts, knowledge, truth are determined those who speak the loudest?
    7. Do you think that facts, knowledge, truth are determined by an advocacy system?
    8. Do you think that facts, knowledge, truth can be ignored?
  8. When was the last time Canada was a moral and ethical leader on the world stage? Hint: Lester B Pearson
    1. When will Canada again be a world leader of this stature?
  9. Do Politicians | Fossil Fuel Industry Junkies | Other Cronies Trump Scientific Facts, Knowledge, Truth or does Science trump the whole bunch of them?
    1. How many of us over the age of 20 are alive today without Science?
    2. How many of us will be alive and prosper tomorrow without Science?
These questions are for Canadian Leadership at all levels since WWII: Political, Business, Economic.



To the next generations who will inherit the Earth: following are some questions to ask in order to help identify the Fossils.

  • Why are the Fossils destroying our future, our young lives , our home Planet Earth?


  • What is the Truth; how persistent is the Truth?
    • How do we find the Truth?
    • What matters in the search for Truth, data or opinions?
    • Can the Truth be bought and sold?
    • Can the Truth be lied about?
    • Can the Truth be hidden?
    • Does misinformation change the Truth?


  • Which of the following statements are true: The Fossils are False Prophets; The Fossils are False Profits? Both!
    • Has too much humanity and too much of the biosphere already been destroyed by false prophets for greedy false profits?

Society: Business, Economics, Education, Government, Healthcare, Politics

  • Should Ethics, Truth, Sustainability, Education, Healthcare, Quality of Life be Fundamental Goals in a Just Society?
    • What is a just society?
    • Who are the Political Fossils working for?
  • Which of the following statements are true: The Fossils are False Profits; The Fossils are False Prophets? Both!
    • Has too much humanity and too much of the biosphere already been destroyed for false profits by greedy false prophets?


  • Which statement is correct: I believe in Science; I don’t believe in Science?
    • Neither: Science is not a belief system; Science is a methodology to determine the Truth called the Scientific Method.
  • Do the Fossils actually know what the Truth is?
  • Can the Fossils name any of the steps in the Scientific Method to determine the Truth?
  • Why is Independence a critical component of the Scientific Method; why must Truth be independent of all who truly seek the Truth?
  • Why is Verifiability a critical component of the Scientific Method?
  • Does the Fossils Scientific opinion have any value?
    • Have the Fossils ever worked on a Scientific project?
    • Have the Fossils ever attended even one professional grade Scientific lecture or seminar?
    • Have the Fossils ever read even one article in a Scientific journal or magazine?
    • Have the Fossils ever read even one professional level Scientific text or reference book?
    • Have the Fossils ever even read one article in the magazine Scientific American?
    • Have the Fossils ever completely read even one article in a newspaper by a professional Science writer?
  • Who do the new Custodians of Sustainable Earth 3.0 believe the 10 minute scientists, Fossils who believe they can become world class scientists in less than 10 minutes, or Earth’s very own World Wide, World Class Scientific Community?
    • Who do you trust for the Truth, to help guide us to the Future we all deserve?
  • What is the difference between the climate and the weather?
    • If the Fossils don’t know the difference, does their opinion about either have any value?
    • Is climate change just a symptom of a much more serious problem the profligate. irresponsible, greed driven destruction of Earth’s biosphere including the priceless irreplaceable biomass?


  • Which country is the most Socialistic in the world; is it the USA?
    • What are some other names for Corporate Socialism? Corporate Welfare, Corporate Subsidies, Corporate Bailouts, Corporate Environmental Damage, Corporate Deregulation, Corporate Taxes, Trickle Down Economics, Personal Income Tax Cuts for the rich?
    • What should real corporate expenses, like clean air, clean water, clean land, damage to the biosphere & human lives, foreign wars that taxpayer money pays for, be called?
    • Are non-sustainable jobs that destroy our biosphere good economics or even good jobs?
    • How can the Fossils persuade citizen taxpayers that Corporate Socialism using taxpayer dollars is not Socialism and is good; and that healthcare, education, social security for citizen taxpayers using their own dollars is Socialism and is bad?


  • Can a company whose sole purpose is the maximization of executive, owner and shareholder wealth provide healthcare to people whose sole goal is healthcare and the minimal use of the organizations that provide healthcare?
    • Should a goal of just societies be the optimal healthcare of all of their citizens?
    • Why?


  • Can a company whose sole purpose is the maximization of executive, owner and shareholder wealth provide the best public education?
    • Should a goal of just societies be the optimal education of all of their citizens?
    • Why?

Sustainable Earth 3.0 Citizens: There is No Other Choice!

  • Have the Fossils asked their own children and other family members about the Earth they wish to inherit?
  • Have the Fossils asked their friends and their families about the Earth they wish to inherit?
  • Have the Fossils asked their constituents about the Earth they wish to inherit?
  • Have the Fossils asked the citizens of their own country about the Earth they wish to inherit?
  • Have the Fossils asked the other citizens of this planet about the Earth they wish to inherit?

What are: The Darwin Awards » ?

  • Check out the website Darwin Awards for details. In summary, the Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from the genome in a spectacular manner.

Who are the Fossils?

  • Eponymously, the Fossils are defined by: the planet’s fossils; the fossil fuel industries; other derivative unethical, non-sustainable, destructive industries; the people who support them like corporations, investors, politicians, news media…; corporate socialism, capitalism when they are making money, socialism – taxpayer bailouts when they are losing money.

Why do the Fossils deserve a Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award?

  • In their profound ignorance of their ignorance, the Fossils deserve a Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award for their accelerated removal from the gene pool of themselves, their family and their friends by the destruction of the Planet Biosphere – biomass, land, water, air… and the independent science based institutions that protect us all.
  • Qualifiers: unfortunately,
    • Their actions are not accidental!
    • They are taking the rest of life with them!

What are: The Nobel Prizes » ?

  • The Nobel Prizes are awarded annually “For the Greatest Benefit to Humankind” in the fields of:
    • Chemistry, Economic Sciences,  Literature, Medicine or Physiology, Peace, Physics

Why are we looking for the Fossils in the archives of The Nobel Prizes?

  • Because the Fossils claim to be better in every field of human activity than anyone who has ever lived including the fields for which The Nobel Prize is awarded. 
  • From 1901-2020, 934 Laureates and 28 Organizations have been awarded The Nobel Prize.
  • All of the Awards were not won by Fossils; in fact, were any of the awards won by Fossils?

Where should the Citizens of Planet Earth interested in Truth, and understanding True Greatness look?

  • Spend some quality time on The Nobel Prize website.
  • It is human legacies like The Nobel Prizes that honor the best of humanity, the best that we have been, the best that we are, the best that we can be!
  • They define us not as citizens of towns or tribes, cities or municipalities, provinces or states, countries or political parties, but as Citizens of Planet Earth!
  • We are One Together and Only as One Together Can We All Survive and Prosper – Yes We Can!