Leave Fossil Fuels Buried to Prevent Climate Change

(Damian Carrington, The Guardian, 2015-01-07)


If the bookkeeping is honest, solar energy is already a much better energy supply investment than any of the fossil fuels – it costs not a little, but a lot less. What is honest bookkeeping you ask? Insist that the fossil fuel industries pay all of their real costs; do not let these industries transfer the expenses of their industries to citizen taxpayers; do not let these industries externalize the following costs:

  1. The cost of the military industrial complex to support the fossil fuel industry, particularly in the Middle East.
  2. The cost to find, extract, refine, deliver, store, cleanup, etc the fossil fuels: wells farther & farther away from the surface of the earth, pipelines, water & land tankers, refineries, storage & end user delivery facilities, waste & other pollution management, end user pollution.
  3. The cost to cleanup the many environmental disasters.
  4. Healthcare costs: hundreds of thousands die prematurely worldwide each each year because of the water, soil, and air pollution of the fossil fuel industries.
  5. The enormous costs of fossil fuel caused environmental damage including climate change that are growing exponentially.

For comparison, think of rooftop solar:

  1. Clean energy delivered directly to the end user.
  2. Converted directly into electricity using silicon, one of the most abundant elements on the surface of the earth.
  3. Delivered by copper wire, the cleanest, cheapest, and most efficient of all energy delivery systems.
  4. No military, no exploration, no refining, no complex and expensive infrastructure, no additional healthcare, no environmental damage.
  5. Efficient energy use in all sectors – RCIT.
  6. Energy independence, self-sufficiency, & security; new domestic industries & wealth; no massive transfers of wealth to foreign jurisdictions.