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The following Accordion contains Media (Documents: pdf; Graphics: jpg, png; Videos: mp4) that represent some of the best References including Science on the selected Topics, and some independent Comments on the selected References.

References with Comments


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The 60 Biggest Marketing Opportunities described in this report and the Sustainability Marketing Opportunities described throughout the SMG website will be the Business, Investment, Marketing, Project… Foundation of SE3LLC.




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When talking with pseudo scientists about climate change, ask them if they know anything about science, the scientific method, the scientific community, or scientific peer review.

Ask them for answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between climate and weather?
  2. What is the greenhouse effect as it applies to: an actual greenhouse; the Earth’s atmosphere?
    1. What is blackbody radiation; what does a blackbody radiation spectrum look like?
    2. What blackbody radiation temperature spectrum is a good representation of:
      1. The radiation spectrum of the sun: hint ~5,778 K?
      2. The radiation spectrum of the earth: hint ~279 K?
      3. The radiation spectrum inside an actual greenhouse: hint ~293 K?
    3. How can the blackbody radiation spectrum be used to explain the greenhouse effect responsible for: greenhouse warming; global warming?
  3. What is entropy; what are the laws of thermodynamics?
    1. How does entropy and the application of the laws of thermodynamics contribute to a better empirical understanding of Earth’s biosphere, ecology, environment – land, water, air – and our interaction with it?

Then ask them, using the 12 graphs in the referenced PDF document, to explain why their opinion has any value at all. Ask them if they have published their findings in a peer reviewed and respected scientific journal. If their answers to any of these questions are not forthcoming, then their opinion is absolutely worthless.

You might want to ask the pseudo scientists if they will use the same logic and procedures to select their brain surgeon when that need arises as it most certainly will.

After all that the scientific community has done for humanity, that community deserves much more respect than our business, educational, entertainment, financial, industrial, media, political, spiritual – ethical… leaders are giving them. Instead of following an uninformed and special interests agenda devoid of reality, they should be asking the scientists what is the current best understanding of the effect of atmospheric pollution on climate using at least 3 scenarios, best to worst case, and what do we need to do for each of them. And then do what the scientific community recommends based on their best estimate of what is the most likely scenario, and how cautious and flexible we need to be.

Also ask the scientists about the benefits to our health of the reduction of atmospheric pollution that will result from their recommended response to climate change.

And finally, and even more importantly, we should ask our scientific community what we should do about the profligate and uncontrolled pollution of our soil, water, air, ecosystem. And quit letting the polluters, distract us with their mindless opinions about the reality of climate change, just one of the many symptoms of that pollution.




A very simple overview of the major human mechanisms producing a rapid increase in atmospheric carbon unprecedented in 800,000 years, and the major natural  mechanisms capable of absorbing only ~45% of that production.




Who are The Dirty Dozen?

  1. The Woke-Washer: Mike Wirth, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Chevron
  2. The Ringleader: Darren Woods, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Exxon ExxonMobil
  3. The Enabler: Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank
  4. The Financier: Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock
  5. The Kingpin: Charles Koch, Chairman & CEO of Koch Industries
  6. The Obstructionist: Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
  7. The Saboteur: Joe Manchin, US Senator
  8. The Propagandist: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO
  9. The Tycoon: Rupert Murdoch, Founder of News Corp
  10. The Destroyer: David MacLennan, CEO of Cargill
  11. The Fabulist: Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman PR
  12. The Smooth Talker: Ted Boutrous, Partner of Gibson Dunn Law Firm

Be sure to follow all the supporting hyperlinks in this document!

Do the Dirty Dozen and the rest of the Fossils actually think that they have the right to destroy the Biosphere of this Planet that belongs to all Citizen – Shareholders, Past, Present, and Future…?

In their profound ignorance of their ignorance, do the Dirty Dozen and the rest of the Fossils actually think that money is the only scorecard on this Planet?

In their profound ignorance of their ignorance of Science, do the Dirty Dozen and the rest of the Fossils have any idea of the unlimited trillions of dollars of lost opportunities that are a direct result of their greed and profligate destruction of the Biosphere that supports all Life…? Equivalently, the destruction of Scientific lessons that were Billions of Years in the making for all Humanity…?


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In a single hour, the amount of energy from the sun that strikes the Earth (120 x 1012 kWh SI) is more than the entire world consumes in an entire year.

SMG has a solution to the Energy Storage Challenge.

The nuclear option: does this article provide convincing evidence that the actual costs of: construction, insurance, waste disposal, thermal pollution… far exceed the costs of sustainable renewable energy options? The huge thermal pollution of nuclear energy is often neglected by everyone including nuclear professionals and those who prefer to ignore independent oversight.

The great power of the renewable energy options comes from using the laws of thermodynamics to efficiently redirect the natural flows of energy that have energized Earth for billions of years without damaging the biosphere.


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What we have learned about renewable energy storage from this and other studies:

  1. As with all investments, an energy portfolio is based on a selection of a hierarchy of investments with the greatest ROI. At the top of that RCIT & electrical supply hierarchy are EEU investments. In energy as in all investments, FTF.
  2. The major renewables – hydro, solar, wind – have a complementary variability.
  3. Although variable, renewables are not unpredictable; renewable predictability is at least as accurate as demand.
  4. Renewable supplies emphasize again the importance of EEU, demand matching, and grid storage.
  5. Renewable energy costs are decreasing rapidly; non-renewable energy costs – fossil, nuclear – are increasing rapidly as sources become more difficult to find and exploit, and as more honest bookkeeping tracks the real costs of the subsidies and collateral damage of these sources. Reference:
  6. Non-renewable suppliers often neglect the maintenance and emergency downtimes of their centralized power plants that can sometimes be weeks and months (10-12% of the time) when they point out the variability of the renewables. The breakdown of centralized legacy power plants is one of the main reasons for an energy grid.
  7. Non-renewable suppliers often neglect the security, flexibility and reliability of distributed supplies.
  8. Non-renewable suppliers also neglect the power of sustainable renewable self-sufficiency.
  9. Complementary to distributed energy supply is distributed energy storage. Distributed storage can be used for load balancing, time shifting of supply, and making demand more flexible.
  10. Examples of high demand flexible end use energy storage are: smart charging electric vehicles, renewable energy driven EEU water desalination & water storage, high storage air conditioning… End use storage is the medium and the message
  11. An interesting distributed energy storage concept requiring further research and analysis is seasonal storage. Reference:
  12. The most cost effective ways to make the grid more reliable and flexible are: distributed smart storage, small hydro, biogas turbines, geothermal…
  13. The most expensive ways to make the grid more reliable and flexible are: bulk storage, centralized fossil fuel power plants… And they should be used last, not first.
  14. Already in practice in Europe are renewable electricity supply scenarios that supply 25-58% of the demand more reliably than US suppliers of electricity.
  15. The USNREL has choreographed economic renewable scenarios that supply 80-90% of the electricity demands of the lower 48 states.
  16. Renewable energy storage scenarios require detailed and careful analysis by professionals. Pseudo scientists and pseudo engineers with hidden agendas are not qualified to even comment.

“Whatever exists is possible.” (RMI, 2014-07-08)


Some astonishing facts about the fossil fuels delivery system presented in this article are:

  • 40% of the world’s shipping delivers fossil fuels around the world to be burned.
  • There are much more than 100,000 delivery containers circling the globe continuously.
  • Added to the container ships are endless networks of pipelines, trucks, trains…; this network is prone to serious accidents including leaks, explosions, collisions, wasted energy, pollution of humanity’s biosphere…
  • Billions of tons of CO2, fine paticulates, methane, other pollutants… have spilled into humanity’s biosphere over the past century just to deliver the fossil fuels.
  • In addition to this monstrous energy delivery system, there are millions of uncapped and abandoned oil and gas wells,  and millions more waiting to be abandoned by the Fossils. This will be the subject of a future article on this website.
  • The subject of another future article on this website will be the state of the Fossils energy storage and refinery systems worldwide.
  • Fundamental truths:
    • Fossil fuels are utterly wasteful. After burning, more is needed to burn again, ad infinitum…
    • 11% of the energy used goes to finding more energy.
    • The Fossils like this business model because more is always needed.
    • The Fossils donate heavily to all officials so laws will be passed that benefit the Fossils.

Before proceeding with a comparison with renewable energy, a few important reminders:

  • The sun is the source of almost all energy on the planet including: biomass, rain, solar, wave, wind; not included, geothermal and nuclear that come with the birth of the planet, and tidal that comes with the dynamics of the oceans, the earth, the sun and the moon.
  • Fossil fuels are biomass energy originally created by the sun more than 4 or 5 hundred million years ago.
  • Rain energy or hydroelectric power comes from the gravitational potential energy of water evaporated by the sun, concentrated by mountains and rivers, stored by dams, pumped storage, and generic options like fuel cells. It is useful to remind ourselves that rain energy is more intermittent than direct solar energy and indirect solar energy like the winds.

The differences between renewable energy and fossil fuels to power the planet are stark, obvious and dramatic:

  • The sun has powered the earth since the beginning and will to the end.
  • Renewable energy is already distributed across the globe.
  • Renewable energy is limitless, no further exploration or mining required.
  • The renewable energy conversion technologies are all cheaper and much simpler than the fossil fuel technologies and getting even cheaper especially when you consider damage to humanity’s biosphere that the Fossils lie about, ignore, lobby for taxpayer dollars to pay for their business operationing expenses.
  • The renewable energy delivery systems, copper wire and other electromagnetic field options, are much cheaper, simpler, cleaner, more secure, versatile, localized and democatic than the Fossils expensive, cumbersome and dangerous delivery and storage system Goliaths.
  • The challenge is renewable energy storage. There are many options. Synergies are numerous, dramatic and important.
  • The possibilities are limitless.
  • If you can’t respond to the challenge, just get out of the way! Those who can will pass the planet forward in a condition all humanity past, present and future deserves.

An interesting observation. A prominent component of the current campaign of Fossil misinformation is to attach a Green Premium to renewable energy. They state that a Green Premium must be paid to have all of the benefits. The Fossils claim that renewable energies cost more than fossil fuels by an amount equal to their Green Premium. The Fossils claim that we must find a way for renewables to cost the same or less than fossil fuels that do not provide so called Green Premium benefits. To summarize, the Fossils insist that in order to be competitive renewables with all the Green Premium benefits must cost the same or less than fossil fuels without any of the Green Premium benefits. What? Is this a Fossil oxymoron, made even more moronic by the data that renewables including all the Green Premium benefits are in fact already less expensive than the fossil fuels without any of the Green Premium benefits.

A very interesting SE3LLC business perspective:

  • Our Sun has replaced the Fossils’ outrageously costly, inefficient, destructive, dangerous… dinosaur energy exploration system for free!
  • Our Sun has replaced the Fossils’ outrageously costly, inefficient, destructive, dangerous… dinosaur energy delivery system for free!
  • Our Sun is even giving us all the free, efficient, clean, healthy, safe… energy that we will ever need to build and maintain a just, sustainable home for all humanity for the natural lifetime of this planet! 
  • SE3LLC business just doesn’t get any better than this!




If the bookkeeping is honest, solar energy is already a much better energy supply investment than any of the fossil fuels – it costs not a little, but a lot less. What is honest bookkeeping you ask? Insist that the fossil fuel industries pay all of their real costs; do not let these industries transfer the expenses of their industries to citizen taxpayers; do not let these industries externalize the following costs:

  1. The cost of the military industrial complex to support the fossil fuel industry, particularly in the Middle East.
  2. The cost to find, extract, refine, deliver, store, cleanup, etc the fossil fuels: wells farther & farther away from the surface of the earth, pipelines, water & land tankers, refineries, storage & end user delivery facilities, waste & other pollution management, end user pollution.
  3. The cost to cleanup the many environmental disasters.
  4. Healthcare costs: hundreds of thousands die prematurely worldwide each each year because of the water, soil, and air pollution of the fossil fuel industries.
  5. The enormous costs of fossil fuel caused environmental damage including climate change that are growing exponentially.

For comparison, think of rooftop solar:

  1. Clean energy delivered directly to the end user.
  2. Converted directly into electricity using silicon, one of the most abundant elements on the surface of the earth.
  3. Delivered by copper wire, the cleanest, cheapest, and most efficient of all energy delivery systems.
  4. No military, no exploration, no refining, no complex and expensive infrastructure, no additional healthcare, no environmental damage.
  5. Efficient energy use in all sectors – RCIT.
  6. Energy independence, self-sufficiency, & security; new domestic industries & wealth; no massive transfers of wealth to foreign jurisdictions.


To transition successfully to SE3LLC, the existential risks described in this publication must be eliminated. No new technology is needed to make the transition. A coordinated worldwide plan and effort is required. The transition will only be better with the ongoing development of sustainable evolutionary and revolutionary technologies.

Following  is a more comprehensive and organized list of existential risks than is presented in this reference. A more comprehensive set of categories is used for Items 1-7; some of the risks in this publication are sub-categories of 1-7. Item 8 is not identified in this reference, but is equally important. The SE3LLC expanded list of existential risks is:

  1. Weapons of mass destruction & nuclear waste:
    1. Nuclear proliferation
    2.  Nuclear pollution: radioactive waste; thermal waste at levels much greater than the Fossils 
    3. Nuclear weapons
    4. Other weapons
  2. Destruction of the biosphere including:
    1. Climate change: extreme human induced warming & other life changing events
    2. Chemical pollution of the atmosphere, land, waterways (aquifers, ice, lakes, oceans, rivers)
    3. Collapse of ecosystems
    4. Loss of biodiversity
    5. Decline of natural resources, particularly water
  3. Pandemics:
    1. Natural
    2. Genetically engineered
    3. New & untreatable diseases
    4. Animal & biomass diseases
  4. Powerful uncontrolled new technologies:
    1. Non-beneficial AI, superintelligence
    2. Biotech
    3. Geoengineering
    4. Nuclear proliferation
  5. Global totalitarianism:
    1. The rich – associations, corporations, industries, people:
      1. Failure to pay their fair share of taxes
      2. Corporate socialism
      3. Non-democratic ownership of the lawmaking machinery
      4. Non-democratic lobbies for complex, intractable, self-serving laws
    2. Greed
    3. False prophets of false profits; false profits of false prophets
    4. Pervasive disrespect for ethics in all human activities:
      1. Corporations: Business, Industry, Stock Markets…
      2. The Courts
      3. The Media
      4. Politics, government…
      5. Individuals, particularly the rich
    5. Pervasive disrespect for science & the scientific method, for truth & the truth method in all human activities:
      1. Pervasive use of:
        1. Lies
        2. Misinformation 
        3. Logical fallacies
        4. Cognitive biases  
    6. Failure to acknowledge & prevent the existential risks
    7. Lack of critical thinking; replaced by mindless, unethical, even criminal tribalism
  6. Natural Processes:
    1. Asteroids hitting the Earth
    2. Solar flares & storms
    3. Supervolcanos
  7. Unknown unknowns
  8. Humanity’s decline:
    1. Population growth beyond Earth’s carrying capacity
    2. Rising food insecurity, failing nutritional quality including depleted if not diseased agriculture,  junk food pandemic…
    3. Drug pandemics with dependencies that include: alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, sedatives, sugar, tobacco…
    4. Symptoms of a failure to implement proactive healthcare that includes fitness, healthy diets, mental health, acceptable living & working conditions…:
      1. Poverty pandemic
      2. Homeless pandemic
      3. Diabetes pandemic
      4. Obesity pandemic
      5. Mental illness pandemic
      6. Severely depleted, if not dysfunctional medicare systems…




Core democratic principles are outlined in this note. Some of the more important procedures to develop, maintain, improve… democracies are described. The following are identified as essential elements of democracy:

  • Democracy is government by and for the citizens
  • Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are written into constitutions
  • Freedom of association: citizens have the right to form independent associations and organisations, including independent political parties and interest groups
  • Freedom of expression and opinion: citizens have the right to express themselves on all matters including politics without the risk of state punishment; citizens are ethically, morally, legally… responsible for their actions
  • Access to power and its exercise is in accordance with the rule of law:
    • All adults have the right to vote in elections
    • All adults have the right to run for public office
  • As an expression of the will of the people, elected representatives:
    • Are chosen in frequent and fair elections by: universal suffrage; secret ballot
    • Exercise their constitutional powers without facing overriding opposition from unelected officials
  • A pluralistic system of political parties and organizations is essential
  • The separation of powers – executive, legislative, judicial – is written into constitutions
  • The independence of the judiciary is written into constitutions
  • Transparency and accountability in public administration is constitutional
  • Free, independent, pluralistic… media: citizens have the right to seek out alternative sources of information, such as the news media. Such sources are protected by law
  • Control over government decisions about policy constitutionality is vested in the elected representatives
  • Government is autonomous and able to act independently from outside constraints such as those imposed by alliances, blocs… other powerful entities


Thanks to supporters of SE3LLC for suggesting this reference.

This list is by no means exhaustive or in anyway near complete. Not surprisingly, women are remarkable STEM citizens of Earth.

More women are needed in all leadership roles because they understand better than men that profits are false if they include the destruction of our Home the Biosphere of Earth. Women also understand that destructive non-sustainable jobs are false jobs. Women also understand the meaning of Corporate Socialism that dominates many of the countries of the World including the USA.

The False Prophets and False Profits of Earth are the Fossils who are overwhelmingly men.


The conclusions of this report are based on independent expert data. The conclusions are not extracted from the ether, anecdotes, non-professional literature written or reviewed by self-declared experts… and presented as the truth by some self-interested, self-absorbed, greedy, ignorant… Fossils.

The study compares the performance data of  UNSDG|SR|ESG funds with traditional funds from 2004 to 2018 using exchange-traded and open-ended mutual funds active in any given year of this period. The total performance of 10,723 funds were analyzed for their total returns net-of-fees, and downside deviation, a metric of risk.

The UNSDG|SR|ESG funds provided returns in line with comparable traditional funds while reducing downside risk and deviation. During a period of extreme volatility, there was statistical evidence that UNSDG|SR|ESG funds were more stable. It would appear that incorporating UNSDG|SR|ESG ethics, goals, principles… into investment portfolios may help to limit market risk in addition to being far superior for humanity and humanity’s planet.

Despite the data of this report, 53% of individual investors still believe that UNSDG|SR|ESG investing requires a financial trade-off. The data of this report shows that this perceived trade-off is a myth. Contrary to what many investors believe, UNSDG|SR|ESG fund returns do not differ from traditional funds. Further, UNSDG|SR|ESG funds may offer a risk reduction that results in more attractive risk-adjusted returns. This should help mobilize the 75% of investors who are interested in UNSDG|SR|ESG investing to act on those interests.




Many indicators regarding the health of the world’s environment remain firmly in the red. Trends such as climate change, water scarcity, air pollution, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation all continue to threaten humanity’s finite stock of natural capital and the ability of the world economy to provide sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

  • Is it possible to put a price on humanity’s ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss past, present, future given that all of humanity’s lives, knowledge, experience, wealth… has come from these sources?

Business use of environmental goods and services generates environmental damage that carries significant costs that are largely neglected, ignored, denied, transferred to FSTs… by business.

  • What do the Fossils’ financial statements look like if these costs and liabilities are not externalized?
  • What do the Fossils’ financial statements look like if the costs and liabilities of humanity’s health and welfare are not externalized?

Environmental costs are becoming increasingly financially material. Annual environmental costs from global human activity amounted to US$6.6 trillion in 2008, equivalent to 11% of GDP. Under a “business-as-usual” scenario, annual global environmental costs are projected to reach US$28.6 trillion, equivalent to 18% of GDP in 2050.

  • What are the error bars on these estimates?
  • Do the FSTs almost exclusively pay for these costs and liabilities?
  • Estimates of past and present costs to humanity of Fossil damages may be within the realm of possibility, but how can one even begin to estimate the future costs of the losses: lives, reduced quality of life, lessons, knowledge, wealth, scenarios… that will never be because of those damages?

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water use and air pollution would have the greatest effect on reducing environmental costs. GHG emissions and resulting climate change impacts account for a large and growing share of environmental costs – rising from 69% (US$4.5 trillion) to 73% of externalities between 2008 and 2050.2 The expected rise in costs for escalating GHG emissions and climate change impacts results in projected external costs of US$21 trillion in 2050. Water abstraction and air pollution are the other main contributors to environmental costs.

Medium- to large-sized publicly listed companies cause over one-third (35%) of global externalities annually. The largest 3,000 public companies caused over US$2.15 trillion of global environmental costs in 2008, which equates to nearly 7% of their combined revenues. Other actors in the global economy, such as small and private companies, governments, other organisations and individuals contribute the remaining US$4.45 trillion of external costs.

Five sectors account for around 60% of all externalities from the largest 3,000 listed companies. Reducing GHG emissions in the Electricity, Oil & Gas Producers, Industrial Metals & Mining and Construction & Materials sectors would have the greatest effect on reducing carbon costs. Reducing water use from the Food Producers and Electricity sectors could also lower environmental costs significantly.

  • Is it long overdue for humanity to hold the Fossils ethically, legally, financially… accountable for all the damage that they have done to humanity?

Most large, diversified equity funds invest in many companies with significant environmental impacts that undermine the environment’s ability to support the economy. In a hypothetical equity portfolio weighted according to the MSCI All Country World Index, externalities could equate to more than half of the companies’ combined EBITDA, weighted according to Index constituents.

  • What happens to the Fossils’ scorecards of business and investment success if their externalities are put where they belong in the Fossils’ financial statements instead of being dumped on the rest of humanity including the FSTs?

External costs caused by companies can reduce returns to investors. Environmental costs can affect portfolio values by reducing future cash flows for companies held in portfolios and lowering future dividends. For a diversified investor, environmental costs are unavoidable as they come back into the portfolio as insurance premiums, taxes, inflated input prices and the physical cost associated with disasters. One company’s externalities can damage the profitability of other portfolio companies, adversely affecting other investments, and hence overall market return.

  • How complete is the accounting for all the past, present, future losses to the rest of humanity other than business shareholders, including the FSTs, from the decimation of humanity’s: ecosystem more than 4 billion years in the making; welfare including quality of life,  life expectancy…; knowledge, learning, recreational… based scenarios that will never be…?

The costs of addressing environmental damage after it has occurred are usually higher than the costs of preventing pollution or using resources in a more sustainable way. It is in the interests of Universal Owners such as large institutional investors – with stakes in an economy-wide cross-section of publicly traded securities as well as property and other non-listed asset classes – to reduce externalities. It is in the financial interest of fund beneficiaries that Universal Owners address the environmental impacts of investments to reduce exposure to externalities and protect long-term returns.

  • How is it possible that the Fossils have been able to pay little or no taxes and then use FST tax money to pay for their enterprise losses and excesses?
  • How is it possible that the Fossils have been able to decimate Humanity’s ecosystem with impunity?
  • How is it possible that the Fossils have been able to propagate lies about Science and the Truth with impunity?
  • How is it possible that the Fossils have been able to dump the costs of  their externalities, expenses and liabilities, onto the rest of Humanity, the FSTs?
  • How is it possible that the Fossils have not been held financially and legally responsible for the damage they have done?
  • How is it possible that the Fossils have been able to almost completely eliminate independent regulation and oversight of their immoral and illegal actions to the detriment of Humanity?
  • How is it possible that the Fossils have been able to label Corporate Socialism anything else but what it is Socialism, and label the redistribution of FSTs money for Humanity’s education, healthcare, housing, justice, security… as Socialism?
    • Or, equivalently, as long as the FSTs money is given to the Fossils to pay for their losses and liabilities it is not Corporate Socialism, just an investment that increases the wealth of the Fossils that trickles down to the rest of Humanity?
    • Can the Fossils please explain how well their version of trickle down economics is working?
  • A simple example from the laws of physics and thermodynamics follows.
    • The laws tell us that if Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, all of Humanity can try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but at what cost and time?
    • Is it not better in every way to solve the problem of preventing Humpty Dumpty from falling off the wall?
  • Another example from physics and thermodynamics follows.
    • Is it not better in every way including costs and time to solve the problems of how to use all of Humanity’s resources efficiently, sustainably… and not spread the pollution including CO2 throughout Humanity’s ecosystem, and then try to put the pollution back into the natural containers before irreversible damage is done?


Often renewable energy jobs reports do not include the very large number of jobs in: EEU, recycling… in all RCIT sectors; Biosphere security, restoration, maintenance…




This reference attempts to rectify some of the errors in counting renewable energy jobs.


The Future is Now!

Science is Our Only Option for Achieving Sustainable Development!

The very best Science will guide all of our global sustainable development decisions including the structure and operations of SE3LLC.


This UN comprehensive list of 170 daily actions is divided into 17 useful SDG Groups. A subset of this list is:

The SDG Groups are humanity’s ever growing to-do list to transform our world into a just, secure, sustainable planet, a clear roadmap for a better future for all.

We are all responsible for being a part of the change. Our actions today affect the future of humanity including all that we love about this wonderful human experiment. Everyone deserves a fair and equal chance in life. These universal SDG’s goals reach far and wide; they leave no one behind. It is critical to understand that the SDG’s are interconnected. Poverty cannot be separated from hunger, education from women’s empowerment… If we understand the interconnections, we are closer to understanding the needs that must be met, and we are closer to achieving the 17 SDG’s. It is always time to give back to the planet and those who have gone before us what the planet and our human heritage has given to each of us. It is a simple and just imperative. We owe so much to those who have gone before us:

“Our Only Option to PayBack is to PayForward in Kind!”




The Future is Now!

Science is Our Only Option for Achieving Sustainable Development!

The Goals and Divisions of SE3LLC will Mirror the Sustainable Development Goals of this Report.




The transformation to a just, secure SE3LLC requires the cooperation, participation, dedication… of all citizen – shareholders all of the time at home, school, work, play… This UN article provides some important starters that will accelerate the transition while inspiring us all to be better together than we ever imagined that we could be apart.

Many SE3LLC stakeholders of all ages have been requesting just such an inspirational list. This to-do list is a subset of the more comprehensive list:


Is it possible to include the following additional fuel costs of ICEV’s as reduced efficiency items:

  • Exploration and delivery costs
  • All military costs including degraded quality of life and loss of lives protecting the supply chains
  • Pollution and biosphere degradation costs
  • Addition healthcare, reduced quality of life, loss of life costs
  • Millions of years of biomass (dinosaurs, dinosaur waste…) decay costs or the manufacturing equivalent?

Is the increased efficiency of EV’s of more more than 5 times the efficiency of ICEV’s reflected in the reduction of pollution by more than a factor of 5? 

Does this reference suggest that it would be better to centralize the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity to power EV’s rather than burning the fossil fuels in ICEV’s? 

Canada: does this reference suggest a much better option for the Tar Sands than for export to China if this non-scientific, non-sustainable, non-economic development decision is made?


The nature of the opposition to rooftop solar is a measure of the power of the solution:

  1. A simple calculation shows, for example, that the USA can be energy self-sufficient and independent in less than 10 years by focusing on rooftop solar alone. Include parking lots, road and railway right-of-ways, airports, golf courses, athletic fields, solar farms, EV charging stations, water desalination, and optimal EEU.
  2. For many RCIT applications like buildings, industrial processes, EV transportation, and reverse osmosis desalination using energy recovery pumps, the medium is the message, the end use is the storage medium.
  3. All that is currently missing is the co-operation, optimism, flexibility, ingenuity, and determination that fostered the much smaller information technology revolution, put humanity on the moon, and revealed our place in the cosmos.
  4. The solution is, of necessity, inclusive. Everyone can and must participate, contribute, and benefit.
  5. And a major collateral benefit worldwide, energy and security for all unprecedented in human history.