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For all of our projects, products, and services, we complete a project, product, services internal document.

For client projects, this document is the foundation of our client interaction and is an integral component of SMG project deliverables.

See a sample

Project Document: TOC

that lists and organizes all the issues that must be addressed for any project, product, or service to be successful.

These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Function Purpose
  • Requirements Specifications Components Modifications
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Repair Testing Ongoing Support
  • Updates Improvements
  • Quality Control & Assurance

Below is a brief description of some of our Products and Services.

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Products Services

SMG develops, builds and supports application specific multi-user, multi-platform, multi-location, multi-type computer systems – computer networks – and software for our clients. The components of a typical client project are:

  • System requirements analysis, design…
  • Hardware and software selection, procurement…
  • Financing hardware and software installation, configuration, testing…
  • Software engineering, customization, development…
  • Training including business, system and software processes, procedures…
  • Ongoing system management, support…
  • Maintenance

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SMG has worked on products, projects, and services in all sectors of energy use – residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, supply – electricity.

The SMG strategy for all projects begins with the identification, classification, cataloguing, and analysis of all current usage. Using current usage as a baseline, more efficient energy use options are evaluated.

The best options are proposed to our clients who help us select those needing further evaluation.

The feasibility studies for each selected option include design and life cycle cost benefit analyses. The results of the feasibility studies are the foundation for a selection and implementation strategy.

The following is a partial list of the types of efficient energy use systems that SMG has worked on:

  • Building energy management and control systems
  • Computer aided design, analysis, simulation
  • Education, training
  • Energy audits and conservation
  • Energy policy
  • Energy storage for mobile and stationary applications: batteries, flywheels, fuel cells, hydrogen, thermal…
  • Industrial energy management and control systems
  • Intellectual property: inventions, patents, processes, software…
  • Regional EEU planning: towns, cities, provinces…
  • Renewable energy systems: geothermal; small hydro; ocean – tidal, wave; solar – electric, thermal; wind

By following the More Information Link below, you will be taken to the SMG lists of EEU options in all sectors that have proven in our experience to be the most economical based on total life cycle costs. Many have payback periods of less than a year.

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SMG develops, builds and supports application specific instrumentation systems for our clients using the following components:

  • PC based hardware, software, networks
  • Industry standard IO interfaces
  • Plug-in modular, standalone, rackmount instruments
  • Signal conditioning accessories
  • Math, data analysis, visualization tools

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SMG associates greatly expand our project capabilities, and products & services offerings.

Following is a list of some important SMG associates:

  • College & university staff, faculty, facilities: BCIT | SFU | UBC
  • Electronics hardware, software, services, suppliers: Agilent Technologies | Bustec | Cisco | EADS | Giga-Tronics | Honeywell | NI | Tektronix | Teradyne | Testforce | TESTniques | Virginia Panel | VTI Instruments | W-IE-NE-R
  • Foundations: RMI
  • Laboratories: government, industry, university
  • Metrology facilities, services: Boeing | GM
  • Partners: MPN
  • Student co-op programs: BCIT | SFU | UBC
  • Medical Healthcare Fitness Sports Electronics
  • Therapeutic use of EMF’s
  • Use of electronics to monitor health, fitness
  • Use of electronics for sports medicine, performance monitoring
  • EMF safety standards, regulations
  • USFDA submissions based on device trials, efficacy studies, experiments, documentation, certification
  • Patents: preparation, IP delineation, submission, approval, defense
  • Healthcare clients, facilities, franchises, equipment: web based software: accounting, management, support, appointments & treatments scheduling calendars, extensive databases

Following is a list of some SMG cloud services:

  • Domain name registration & management
  • Portfolio of domain names for sale
  • Website development & hosting
  • CMS’s: WordPress
  • Dedicated servers
  • VPS hosting
  • VPN services

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Following is a list of some SMG ocean engineering projects, experience , expertise:

  • Desalination: reverse osmosis; stationary, mobile, portable; renewable energy sources; applications – boats, ships, coastal communities
  • Energy: tidal, wave, wind
  • Motion compensation cranes: towing, salvage, industry, exploration
  • Submersibles: shallow, deep diving; manned, unmanned; tethered, untethered; applications – charter, industry, exploration, survey, tourism

Following is a list of some SMG telecommunications projects, experience, expertise:

  • CDPD networks: experimental, test, live
  • Smartphones & apps: phone & app selection; top10 lists; app development; support; training; ROI; commissioning, de-commissioning
  • VoIP phones & apps: hardware, software, cloud base phones & PBX’s; phone & software selection; top10 lists; software development; support; training; ROI; commissioning, de-commissioning