Instrumentation Systems


SMG develops, builds and supports application specific instrumentation systems for our clients using the following main components:  computers, instruments, signal conditioning, operating systems, software development tools…

See the following “Standalone, Modular, Rackmount Computers and Instruments” Section for details.

Working closely with our clients as members of our team and using their application specific knowledge and experience, SMG is confident about using our more generic hardware, software, instrumentation and systems integration experience to work on many types of systems and applications.

See the following “Capabilities” Section for details.

Standalone, Modular, Rackmount Computers & Instruments

SMG uses standalone, modular, rackmount computers and instruments that use the following industry standard IO interfaces:

  • PC bus: Plug-in boards for PCI, PCMCIA, ISA…
  • Serial and industrial communications: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422…
  • IEEE 488: GPIB, HPIB…
  • VXI bus: VME backplane, IEEE 488 protocols…

SMG uses the following signal conditioning accessories for amplification, excitation, filtering, isolation, multiplexing:

  • SCXI chassis
  • SCXI series modules: 6B, SC-204X, SC207X…

SMG uses the following software operating system environments:

  • Android, Linux, Windows, Unix

SMG uses the following software development environments, languages, tools:

  • LabWindows, LabWindows-CVI, LabView from National Instruments
  • C/C++ from all major vendors
  • Visual Basic and ActiveX Controls: ComponentWorks…
  • Spreadsheet tools: Measure…
  • Internet tools: development, remote monitor, remote control…
  • Test management tools
  • Industrial automation tools
  • Instrument drivers
  • STEM, data analysis, visualization… tools


Following are some of the types of Test and Measurement Systems SMG is qualified to work on:

  • Automated Calibration
  • Automated Inspection
  • ATE
  • Aerospace, Avionics
  • Electronics, Semiconductors
  • Functional and Production Testing
  • Telecommunications
  • R&D

Following are some of the Industrial Automation Systems SMG is qualified to work on:

  • Data acquisition, analysis, control
  • Factory automation
  • Laboratory automation
  • MMI, machine control, machine vision
  • Process automation
  • SPC
See pictures and a detailed description of our Avionics Test Bench project for our Fortune 100 client Honeywell Aerospace, formerly Allied Signal Aerospace.