Canada’s Oil Pipeline to Nowhere Tripling Costs Could Have Built HVDC Across the Country

Comments Was any part of the approval process of the Alberta dilbit Trans Mountain Pipeline to Nowhere informed by independent expert economic, engineering, environmental, scientific… review in the best interests of all Canadian FSTs, humanity, humanity’s planet – healthcare – welfare – future…? As this article summarizes, a better option for less money is an […]

Universal Ownership: Why environmental externalities matter to institutional investors

Comments Many indicators regarding the health of the world’s environment remain firmly in the red. Trends such as climate change, water scarcity, air pollution, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation all continue to threaten humanity’s finite stock of natural capital and the ability of the world economy to provide sustainable growth and prosperity for all. Is […]

Sustainable Reality: Analyzing Risk and Returns of Sustainable Funds

Comments The conclusions of this report are based on independent expert data. The conclusions are not extracted from the ether, anecdotes, non-professional literature written or reviewed by self-declared experts… and presented as the truth by some self-interested, self-absorbed, greedy, ignorant… Fossils. The study compares the performance data of  UNSDG|SR|ESG funds with traditional funds from 2004 […]

Guidance Note of the UN Secretary-General on Democracy

Comments Core democratic principles are outlined in this note. Some of the more important procedures to develop, maintain, improve… democracies are described. The following are identified as essential elements of democracy: Democracy is government by and for the citizens Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are written into constitutions Freedom of association: citizens have […]

Existential Risk: Diplomacy and Governance

Comments To transition successfully to SE3LLC, the existential risks described in this publication must be eliminated. No new technology is needed to make the transition. A coordinated worldwide plan and effort is required. The transition will only be better with the ongoing development of sustainable evolutionary and revolutionary technologies. Following  is a more comprehensive and […]

Astonishing Things You Never Knew about Fossil Fuels from Bill McKibben

Comments Some astonishing facts about the fossil fuels delivery system presented in this article are: 40% of the world’s shipping delivers fossil fuels around the world to be burned. There are much more than 100,000 delivery containers circling the globe continuously. Added to the container ships are endless networks of pipelines, trucks, trains…; this network […]

The Dirty Dozen: Meet America’s Top Climate Villains

Comments Who are The Dirty Dozen? The Woke-Washer: Mike Wirth, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Chevron The Ringleader: Darren Woods, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Exxon ExxonMobil The Enabler: Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank The Financier: Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock The Kingpin: Charles Koch, Chairman & CEO of Koch Industries The Obstructionist: Mitch […]

170 Daily Actions to Transform Our World

Comments This UN comprehensive list of 170 daily actions is divided into 17 useful SDG Groups. A subset of this list is:   The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World The SDG Groups are humanity’s ever growing to-do list to transform our world into a just, secure, sustainable planet, a clear roadmap for a better […]

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

Comments The transformation to a just, secure SE3LLC requires the cooperation, participation, dedication… of all citizen – shareholders all of the time at home, school, work, play… This UN article provides some important starters that will accelerate the transition while inspiring us all to be better together than we ever imagined that we could be […]

18 Inventions by Women that Changed the World!!

Comments Thanks to supporters of SE3LLC for suggesting this reference. This list is by no means exhaustive or in anyway near complete. Not surprisingly, women are remarkable STEM citizens of Earth. More women are needed in all leadership roles because they understand better than men that profits are false if they include the destruction of […]

Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

Comments Is it possible to include the following additional fuel costs of ICEV’s as reduced efficiency items: Exploration and delivery costs All military costs including degraded quality of life and loss of lives protecting the supply chains Pollution and biosphere degradation costs Addition healthcare, reduced quality of life, loss of life costs Millions of years […]