Utilities Wage Campaign against Rooftop Solar

(Joby Warrick, The Washington Post, 2015-03-07)


The nature of the opposition to rooftop solar is a measure of the power of the solution:

  1. A simple calculation shows, for example, that the USA can be energy self-sufficient and independent in less than 10 years by focusing on rooftop solar alone. Include parking lots, road and railway right-of-ways, airports, golf courses, athletic fields, solar farms, EV charging stations, water desalination, and optimal EEU.
  2. For many RCIT applications like buildings, industrial processes, EV transportation, and reverse osmosis desalination using energy recovery pumps, the medium is the message, the end use is the storage medium.
  3. All that is currently missing is the co-operation, optimism, flexibility, ingenuity, and determination that fostered the much smaller information technology revolution, put humanity on the moon, and revealed our place in the cosmos.
  4. The solution is, of necessity, inclusive. Everyone can and must participate, contribute, and benefit.
  5. And a major collateral benefit worldwide, energy and security for all unprecedented in human history.