Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

(Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica, 2020-06-10)


Is it possible to include the following additional fuel costs of ICEV’s as reduced efficiency items:

  • Exploration and delivery costs
  • All military costs including degraded quality of life and loss of lives protecting the supply chains
  • Pollution and biosphere degradation costs
  • Addition healthcare, reduced quality of life, loss of life costs
  • Millions of years of biomass (dinosaurs, dinosaur waste…) decay costs or the manufacturing equivalent?

Is the increased efficiency of EV’s of more more than 5 times the efficiency of ICEV’s reflected in the reduction of pollution by more than a factor of 5? 

Does this reference suggest that it would be better to centralize the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity to power EV’s rather than burning the fossil fuels in ICEV’s? 

Canada: does this reference suggest a much better option for the Tar Sands than for export to China if this non-scientific, non-sustainable, non-economic development decision is made?